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We provide attractive premises for rent, we are interested in craft, design and contemporary art. We support sustainability.
Filmmaking and advertisement shooting Company events and presentation Gastro, Gala & food events Culture and community events

Filmmaking and advertisement shooting

The interior and exterior of Kotelna offer a specific visual character, that you won't find anywhere else for your filming project. Looking to shoot your film, advertisement or photos at our premises?

Company events and presentation

A renovated industrial area with a capacity for up to 500 people. Suitable for conferences, lectures, presentations and workshops. Basic equipment for restaurant operation. Furniture for rent on site. Planning a conference or company event?

Gastro, Gala & food events

Unique and one-of-a-kind industrial architecture, set in a landscape lined with a river and ravine. Looking for a charming venue for a gala dinner, food tasting event or food festival?

Culture and community events

Event hall, with 330m2 of open space, great for fashion shows, theater, dance and music performances / events. Premises for performers and refreshments are located in the restaurant hall. We organize a community Kotelna Cinema once a month in our basement, that is also suitable for concerts and presentations.

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Large industrial hall, 12m tall ceilings, board style windows protected by black blinds. Three specific, visually appealing and functionally different and divisible areas. Dominating brickwork architecture. Landscaped exteriors and beautiful views of the nearby river and ravine. A unique feature is our 45m tall brick chimney with a water tank visible from the exterior.

Two separate buildings for rent - The Boiler House and The Coal Mill

Setup or dismantling days at half price

Any outdoor photography or filming is subject to a contractual relationship with the owner!

Charges - electricity and gaz not included

We rent design furniture

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Kotelna for companies

We offer fully functional spaces for conferences, company events, workshops and presentations. The entire building and premises is available for rent as well as the individual spaces within (including the evening hall, restaurant and basement). The lecture hall can fit up to 300 people at once. Additionally, the interior with the connected surrounding exterior can host up to 1000 people for summer events.

Event for max. 500 people indoors

Setup or dismantling

Interior furniture included

on request

Catering and A/V services on key, without exclusivity

The building offers

  • A total area of 1 400 m2
  • An event for up to 1 000 people
  • Three separable building sections - event hall, restaurant and basement
  • Easy access to the interior of Kotelna by car
  • Smooth technology delivery and supplying
  • Fully functional premises for catering
  • Stainless steel kitchen
  • Catering and A/V services on key, without exclusivity
  • Furniture for rent on site
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We offer the combination of our event hall and restaurant hall that can host up to 1000 people. We recommend our spaces for dinner events and food tasting during the winter season and our spaces for food festivals during the summer. Our brick basement is great for wine tasting, or as a whiskey bar or wine cellar. Our location is accessible by a 20 minute train ride from Prague with the possibility of ordering an exclusive train ride that can transport your clients directly in front of Kotelna.

Entire building with parking spaces

Setup or dismantling days at half price

Interior furniture for PAX 180 included

Charges - electricity and gaz not included

We offer

  • A total space of 1400 m2
  • Functional premises for catering
  • A stainless steel kitchen
  • Furniture for rent on site
  • Good access by train, only a 25 minute journey from Prague
  • A landscaped exterior for summer events
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Pricing for cultural events

Spaces with very good acoustics suitable for fashion shows, theater, music and dance performances. The original high ceilings allow to build a structure for acrobats.

The industrial event hall has a unique character, with available refreshments in the lobby, makes for an attractive and one-of-a-kind location for live art. The basement is suited for intimate concerts and has A / V projection.

Event hall

By agreement according to the type of event and use of space


By agreement according to the type of event and use of space

Furniture and chairs

For rent on the spot

Why choose Kotelna?

  • 330 m2 of space in our event hall
  • 14m tall ceilings
  • Great acoustics
  • Premises for refreshments in our restaurant hall
  • 150m2 of basement space
  • Furniture for 180 PAX on site
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